Preventive Puncture liquid for air chamber Slime [Size 19 L]

Preventive Puncture liquid for air chamber Slime [Size 19 L]

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Preventive Puncture liquid for air chamber Slime

Slime puncture-prevention inner-tube liquid is the ideal solution for protecting your tires against punctures. With its innovative formula, this product from Slime offers the ultimate protection for your inner tubes. Whether you're an avid cyclist or a regular bike user, this anti-puncture fluid will enable you to ride with confidence. Thanks to its unique technology, this liquid penetrates the inner tube instantly and settles in permanently. It creates a protective barrier that instantly seals small punctures and prevents any loss of pressure. No need to worry about punctures when you're out and about. The 5-gallon (19-liter) canister of Slime is ideal for intensive use. Whether you're a professional cyclist or simply want to stock up on a large quantity of puncture-proof fluid, this format will enable you to cope with any situation. Easy to use, simply pour the fluid into your bike's inner tube. Its application is rapide and requires no special tools. So you can quickly enjoy all the benefits of this anti-puncture fluid. By choosing Slime, you are choosing quality and durability. The Slime brand is renowned in the field of anti-puncture products, and this fluid is no exception. Rely on a leading brand to guarantee the protection of your tires. So don't wait any longer and equip yourself with Slime preventive anti-puncture fluid for inner tubes. Enjoy your cycling outings with complete peace of mind, and say goodbye to punctures!

Additional Information

Brand Slime
Manufacturer SKU 167992
Color green / white
Color Green
Size 19 L - French sizes by default
Gender Mixed
Age group Adult